Washing machine market share 2022: facts you need to

It is important to understand the current market trends. This key data helps you to know the types of products that will perform better in the next few businesses. You can use this data to get ahead of your competitors. This article will cover all the washing machine market facts you need to know.

Market trends and business growth forecast

The current market size for washing machines is $55.18. This number is expected to grow by 7% in 2022. The washing machine market showed a decline in 2020 due to the effects of Covid 19. But it seems the market is on its road to recovery. Research shows that market capitalization will hit $80.24 billion by 2028. It will grow at 5.5% per year from now to 2028. There is a high demand for washing appliances compared to the Covid period.

Washing machine market share 2022

High technology
Hi-tech washing machines will have a huge demand in 2022. Most people want smart equipment with Wi-Fi, AI, and one that they can control remotely. It’s easy to find all these features on washing machines nowadays. Controlling it on your mobile helps to save time. The Wi-Fi feature helps it stay connected while AI makes it more efficient.

Most people search for multi-purpose washing machines to make the work easy and save money. For instance, the most common choice is the combination of a washing machine and a dryer. People can wear clothes as soon as they are done washing. This feature is very helpful, especially in the winter. They also want an automatic machine that saves time.

Energy-saving and water-saving
Energy and water-saving washing machines are in high demand. People are trying to save their bills by using the most efficient household appliances. The washing machines with energy and water-saving features will stand out in 2022.

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Smart washing machines are in demand now more than ever. The rise of middle-income earners and the post-pandemic recovery are attributed to this current demand. People want devices that they can control remotely and save time. Additionally, they also want appliances that can save energy and water bills. Besides, they want devices that use AI to make their own decisions. This is the best time to carry out the washing machine business. The demand will increase by 50% percent before we reach 2030.

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