How to choose microwave oven correctly

Thanks to technology, people can now conveniently prepare different meals with microwaves. This guide will help you choose the suitable microwave for your home from the different varieties available in the market.

Microwave Oven Types

  1. Mechanical Microwave Oven

The mechanical microwave oven has a compact body, and it is easy to operate. Its simplicity makes it convenient for beginners and new microwave users. The oven has a compact body, so it will not take up much of your kitchen space. Besides, it has different power levels hence easily adjustable and suitable for all kinds of cooking. It is among the most fashionable microwave ovens in the market.

  1. Digital Microwave Oven

Like the mechanical microwave oven, the digital microwave oven has a compact body size and is made of good quality materials. Its large capacity makes it work simultaneously. It is also easy to navigate controls, clean and it offers 360 degrees uniform heating. Furthermore, the presence of a classical knob and a button is of great advantage when turning the microwave on and off.

  1. Membrane Microwave Oven

The Membrane Microwave Oven also has a compact body size equipped with a membrane for control. It offers an efficient defrosting area and has a significant diameter turntable glass tray for insulation and to prevent sparking. Its large capacity, featured with a LED display, makes it more effective in the kitchen. Unlike the other common microwaves, the membrane oven has a touchpad which makes it easy to control.

  1. Built-in Microwave Oven

The built-in microwave oven is one top-selling products at Weili. It has a classic but simple design; therefore, it is the perfect home décor. Equipped with a well-functioning front exhaust that automatically turns on, you will be assured of safety in your home. Lastly, the microwave is easy to install and can serve all your cooking needs.

Other Advanced Features

Weili’s experienced team has developed other new microwave ovens with advanced features to meet your cooking needs. Some of our top-selling new products include:

30UX45 Microwave Oven

The oven has a large capacity with three internal layers. That is, the heat-insulating glass, the heatproof, and the radiation-proof

This top-selling product has a classic black housing made of a sedate style to decorate your home.

It also rotates 360 degrees to allow for uniform heating of food. 30UX45 Microwave Oven is multifunctional and perfect for different menus.

B20UXP53 – C80 Microwave Oven

B20UXP53 – C80 is a three-in-one microwave oven with an air fryer, oven, and fruit dryer. It has a loading capacity of (20’/40’/40HQ):300/700/795pcs.

It has a stainless steel appearance design which allows for fast cooking. The outcome of this microwave is sweet and healthy food.

C20uxp21 Microwave Oven

c20uxp21 is a 20L digital microwave oven with 700W output power and a 60′ cooking timer. It has five microwave power levels to offer even heating.

In addition, equipped with a defrost setting and child lock for safety. It is waterproof and does not leak. Its loading capacity is (20’40’HQ): 590/1205/1365.

Wholesale Microwave Ovens

With over 40 years in the industry, we establish a professional image upfront by frequently selling our products in bulk quantities to retailers. A customer can typically take advantage of much lower prices. For example; you can find great bulk deals on these popular products in Weili:

● A30PAS98- Air Fry Microwave Oven

● TO5712A- UL Air Fry Oven

● TO5712TA- UL Oven

Microwave Oven Reviews

Our customers believe in us for the best microwave ovens for every family size and top features. Our prices are friendly, and the additional wholesale products attract more and more customers. Moreover, Weili has received top ratings and numerous recommendations from customers who have purchased and tested some appliances.

As the demand for microwave ovens increases due to continuous development, our team is dedicated to inventing better products for domestic use. We also assist you at any stage in the product’s life; we are just a call away.


Weili specializes in a wide range of home appliances like microwaves to make your kitchen experience enjoyable. The company has built-in digital steam ovens, air fryers, and all sorts of other microwave products. The team’s continuous innovation has made the company among the best factories with optimum cooking solutions. Get some of our hot-selling kitchen appliances here at Weili.

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