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You never thought that the microwave oven could make these delicious dishes

What kind of food can microwave oven make? In our impression, it seems that only baked chicken wings, French fries, cakes, meat and so on. Most of the time, we just use the microwave oven as a heating tool for meals, but have you ever thought that the microwave oven can still make these delicious foods?

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You didn't expect it! All of these dishes are cooked in the microwave oven.

In order to make the salesmen more familiar with the functional characteristics of the company's microwave oven products and help product sales, the microwave oven development department held a friendship activity for C20 series microwave oven products cooking experience on July 31.

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At 11:00 a.m., the salesmen of microwave ovens from domestic and foreign markets came to the cooking laboratory one after another. While tasting delicious food, they shared the cooking methods of food. They were not only amazed at the powerful functions of microwave ovens, but also praised the super cooking skills of developers. Even Mr. Li, vice president of export sales, wrote a short and pertinent comment after tasting the cake.


In order to make this event a complete success, the developers made careful preparations, from the menu, food preparation to on-site cooking, to ensure that the food is delicious and everyone is satisfied.

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20200818154017391.jpg@!w1200 20200818154017605.jpg@!w1200

In the future, microwave oven development department will continue to hold similar activities to continuously share and promote the company's products.

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