As a leading company for electronic household appliance manufacturing, Weili’s products have developed a good reputation among customers and partners for their high quality. At present, the number of overseas customers of our company has exceeded 500. The business covers Europe, America, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions. We provide our partners with high-quality products, OEM service, exceptional product customization services, including product development, production, sales network laying, etc.



Our broad experience and highly qualified team members allow us to assist you at any stage in the product life cycle, from concept and design to full volume production. We offer a full range of comprehensive  retail solutions that increase and drive customer engagement, enhance the overall customer experience, and build long-term business relationships.

“In house capabilities means that WEILI can provide our customers with a service which can create an idea and take it to market as a competitive product.”

Market Research/ Customer Request


Final 3D Structure Design

Prototype Sample

Tooling making

Safety Approval and Sample Evaluation

Pilot Run​

Mass Production

Key components self-production

 Self-produce key parts:  Magnetron, Transformer, PCB…..

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