D20MXP04 Compact Microwave Ovens

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Product Feature and product description

D20MXP04 Microwave Oven China

*Fashionable and novel design

*Exquisite product manufacturing process and details

*700W power consumption design, accomplish low-carbon and energy conservation not disturbing cooking effect.

*Small and exquisite body,large capacity.

*It will greatly reduce the transportation cost of a single unit that can create practical value for customers and consumers. In

the meantime,it does not reduce the actual capacity of the product.


OEM & ODM Services

WEILI is the biggest microwave oven production base in South China with more than 42 years of professional experience. The production scale of microwave oven ranks the TOP 3 in China, with an annual sales volume of 8 million sets, with more than 17L-30L volume platforms and thousands of products, and at the same time, it has launched built-in, steam oven, air fryer, and other special products, long-term OEM production for the global first-line brands.

Market Research/ Customer Request


Final 3D Structure Design

Prototype Sample

Tooling making

Safety Approval and Sample Evaluation

Pilot Run​

Mass Production

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