Where to buy a washing machine

In households, washing machines are at the prime of household appliances. They also have unique features such as wash programs, rat mesh, quick wash, digital display, child lock, etc. Selecting the right washing machine can come with a lot of challenges. A good number of washing machines differ in terms of function, capacity, features, and load. Read more to know where to get a washing machine to help you save your time and effort.

WEILI: the best washing machine manufacturer

Weili has 40 years of experience in professional manufacturing and R&D in washing machines making it the best manufacturer. The company is a modern comprehensive manufacturing enterprise dealing with washing machines, among other household appliances. Choose a Weili washing machine as it will deliver cleaning efficiency, deliver superb washing performance and allow you to wash your piles of clothes with ease.

How washing machine works

The washing machine concept and how it works are pretty simple. First, when you fill the tub with clothes, the machine fills the tub with water, and then it stirs the clothes using an agitator, which turns the clothes around the soapy water. The washing machine agitates the clothes for some time. After that, the washer drains the water and then spins the clothes removing most of the water. The machine refills water and agitates the clothes more often, rinsing the soap. It repeats the process of draining and spinning again. The pump drains water from the outer drum when the washing is finished.

The washing machine workability is supported with several components’ paddles, an inner drum, outer drum, agitator, pump, programmer, pipes and valves, and thermostat and heating elements.

• An inner drum is where you put your clothes to be washed.
• Paddles are the ridges that lie at the drum edge, which help move the clothes around while washing.
• The agitator is a paddle in the middle of the washing machine, which helps turn the clothes around in soapy water.
• The outer drum holds the water while the inner drum or agitator rotates.
• The pump removes water from the drum after the wash.
• The programmer controls the washing machine through washing, spinning, drying, and washing.
• The thermostat and heating element has a role in controlling water temperature by heating water.

What types of washing machines do WEILI offer

Weili has more than 42 year’s professional experience offering a range of washing machines. It offers you a complete series of a fully-automatic front loader, a semi-auto washer, a tumble dryer, and a customized washing machine. A top loader from Weili, it ranges from 2.8Kg to 18Kg, offering the longest capacity series. The front loader washing machine is 6-10 kgs with inverter and universal types. It also manufactures tumble dryers with heat pumps and air vented types in 8Kg.

The service of WEILI

Weili is a one-stop professional purchasing option for home appliances. It offers service in modern comprehensive manufacturing, integrating manufacturing, sales, and R&D in intelligent household appliances. The washing machine manufactured by the company is advanced production technology producing different types of washing machines. It has invested in R& D capacity since 2016.

It operates a specialized production line of washing machines in China. While manufacturing washing machines, it does so with quality control. It pushes itself with higher requirements and standards. The company celebrates quality management systems and advanced international level through ISO14001 and ISO001. The company products have passed over ten international authoritative certifications, including 3C certification.

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