How Does WEILI Ice Maker Work

It’s possible to forget small appliances that add convenience to your life when you outfit your kitchen. Generally, you will have a microwave and a fridge but it’s easy to forget an ice maker.

Ice is an important part of a recipe. Whether you are a cocktail fan, party lover, or love cold drinks, an ice maker ensures you never lack cubes. Additionally, ice can be used as a home remedy for reducing swelling, pain, and soothing blemishes, sunburns, and toothaches. Let’s look at everything about ice makers and the best ice maker manufacturer.

How Does an Ice Maker Work?

Back in the day before automatic ice machines, ice was made manually by pouring water in a tray and then putting it in a freezer. Today, there are ice makers to produce ice. An ice maker is fully automated. Once it’s connected to a power and water source,  the ice-making cycle begins automatically.

At the beginning of the cycle process, an electrical signal sent to the water valve dispenses water in the ice mold. A signal halts the process when the internal thermostat shows the cubes are at 5-9 degrees Fahrenheit. The next process is freezing.

After the cubes are made, a heating coil loosens the cubes from the mold. The ejector blades then push the cubes from the molds and they go to the collection tray. The tray is separated from the dispenser by the shaft. It is opened when you push down the lever or button and the process continues till the shut-off arm signals ice is stacked to full capacity.


Is It Worth Buying an Ice Maker?

An ice maker helps you to get clear and more ice. You don’t have to wait for the ice cube tray to freeze. Therefore, an ice maker saves time and ensures you get a fair amount at any time. No more warm beverages!


Types of Ice Maker



This ice maker has an ice machine and a storage bin. They fit under 40 inch high counters. Furthermore, they are great for cafes, restaurants, and small bars. They allow you to access ice without sacrificing commercial space.


This ice maker is great for those who don’t want to be tied to the wall when making ice. They are compact for any space. They can fit under a kitchen counter or anywhere at home.

Countertop and Portable

This ice maker is meant to be put on the countertop. They are great for office spaces and wait rooms.

Freezer Ice Maker Kits

Ice maker kits are ideal when you run out of space, and you want to keep your drinks cold and ready to serve.


3 Reasons You Should Choose a Freestanding Ice Maker

  • They are designed to fit virtually anywhere at home.
  • They can make at least 20-50 pounds of ice daily
  • They often have an insulated storage bin


How to Make Ice with a WEILI Ice Maker

WEILI is a professional electrical appliance manufacturer that makes quality appliances including an ice maker. They manufacture ice makers like a countertop, undercounter, freestanding, and freezer ice maker kits. WEILI has over 40 years of experience, so you can be sure the products are high quality. Besides that, the skilled team inspects and tests the products before they hit the market. These appliances meet international certification standards to ensure they are safe for consumers.


Steps to Make Ice with an Ice Maker

  • For a portable ice maker, place it in a well-ventilated area.
  • Connect the ice maker to the power supply.
  • Pour water to make ice within six
  • Pour the first batch of ice.



A small kitchen means a small fridge with less space in the freezer. Therefore, an ice maker is a convenient appliance if you stay in an apartment, condo, or house. It also works well in an office space for workers. The small appliance will fit anywhere and have an enormous impact on your life and will save you time. If you want an ice maker, WEILI is a reliable manufacturer of quality ones. Contact now.

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