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The Best Portable Refrigerator for Cars of 2022 and 2023

Having a vehicle full of snacks and drinks can help you save money. A portable refrigerator comes handy when you drive for long hours or you are planning for outdoor activities like camping. In addition to that, you will make healthier choices without stopping on the way for food. 

It is convenient for packing cold water, coke, pre-prepped veggies, fruits, protein options, etc. Furthermore, you may get into a traffic jam from the grocery store,  a car refrigerator helps in such cases. Keep reading to learn more about the best portable refrigerator in 2022 & 2023. 

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What is a car portable Refrigerator

A car portable refrigerator is a device used to freeze or refrigerate or refrigerate while you are out. Unlike a commercial-sized refrigerator, it is easier to carry around. These portable fridges have the same shape and appearance as coolers. Moreover, it allows you to set the exact temperature as long as the car runs. Also, car fridges have an inner volume of between 13-100 liters. Most of them come with a handle, a control display, and a sealed lid. 

A portable fridge is ideal for freezing food away from home. It is suitable for traveling, boating, camping, hunting, fishing, and many outdoor activities. Additionally, they allow you to pack almost everything at your preferred temperature. It maintains a temperature of not more than 4-5 degrees Celsius. No more soggy sandwiches! 

How to choose a car fridge 

Like any other electronic device, you don’t just buy a car fridge hastily; there are things you need to consider. Here are ways to choose the right model: 

  • Capacity: this will depend on your vehicle configuration and personal needs. You can also utilize the inner space to keep what you need. 
  • Effective compressor: not all compressors are efficient. It needs a reliable and long-lasting compressor designed for portable fridges. This ensures it uses less amount of battery power. 
  • Dual power: a convenient portable refrigerator should run on at least 12V DC and 110V AC. 
  • Battery protection: a good 12V portable fridge should detect low-voltage and cut-off power to avoid draining your battery. 
  • Built-in lighting: this feature helps you to find what is inside. 
  • Strong handles and casing to last long. 

WEILI Car Refrigerator Features

WEILI offers the best car refrigerators. They come with the following features: 

  • DC frequency conversion compressor
  • Low noise
  • Fast refrigeration
  • LED control panel
  • Easy and convenient operation
  • The temperature can be adjusted between  10 to -18 degrees Celsius
  • PU high-density thermal insulation layer 
  • Good thermal insulation effect 
  • Guide rail support on the cover 


If you have ever been on a road trip, you know how expensive it is to buy meals from local restaurants. Packing snacks is the best way to curb those hungry feelings. That said, buying a quality portable refrigerator that will serve you well is the most important thing. WEILI is one of the experts in Refrigeration products. We have 40 years of experience in manufacturing car refrigerators.

Additionally, our car fridges are comfortable to carry and produce less noise. Lastly, we provide OEM and wholesale services. If you are looking for a quality and affordable portable refrigerator for cars, check at WEILI GLOBAL.

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