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How To Clean Air Fryer Oven

The air fryer oven has become a trendy cooking mode for deep-fried foods with little to no oil. It circulates heated air throughout the oven, making food crispy or brown on all sides. With this technology, you can save time by cooking more food at once for the whole family or a few guests. Unlike other traditional deep frying methods, cleaning an air fryer is not difficult. Nonetheless, it is important to clean basic parts for convenience and efficiency. Let’s look at how to clean an air fryer oven. 

Why do we need to clean an oven?

It is recommended to clean an oven after each use on parts like the basket, pan, and tray. A dirty appliance causes the food particles to stick to components they shouldn’t be, destroying it. In addition, the leftovers make the oven heat slower, thus consuming more energy. A dirty kitchen appliance can also cause health risks. If you don’t clean regularly, germs and old leftovers will build up and contaminate the food. Therefore, you will be prone to foodborne diseases. 

Here are steps to clean an air fryer:

1. Gather the necessary tools: these supplies include a soft sponge, cloth, soft-bristle scrub brush, paper towels, baking soap, and dish soap.

2. Heat the air fryer and let it cool down: plug the appliance, heat it, and let it cool for at least 30 minutes. After it cools, remove the removable parts like the tray, pan, and basket.

3. Clean the removable parts: wash the parts in warm soapy water. In case of stubborn stains, soak the parts in hot soapy water for at least 10 minutes, then scrub them with a soft-bristle scrub brush. For hard-to-wash parts, make baking soda paste, and scrub the paste on the residue with a soft brush.

4. Clean the interior: use a soft sponge with dish soap to wipe the inside.

5. Clean the heating element: use a soft sponge to clean it.

6. Clean the exterior: use a cloth to wipe down the exterior.

ATTENTION: When cleaning an air fryer, avoid the following things:

Don’t use utensils to remove stuck food

1. Never use metal scrubbers, steel wool, and abrasive sponges

2. Don’t use disinfectants; they are not safe for food

3. Use sanitizers approved for food-contact surfaces like chlorine and iodine

4. Ensure the appliance is unplugged before cleaning

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