How Much Does a Dryer Weigh: Understanding the Weight of the WEILI Global Electric Dryer

As WEILI Global, we are committed to you cutting-edge and effective laundry appliances to satisfy your needs. With its clever design, our DV80-WL1V Appliances Electric Dryer ensures complete drying and gets rid of bacteria while handling big loads.


In our relentless pursuit of perfection, we have meticulously engineered the DV80-WL1V Appliances Electric Dryer to exceed your expectations in laundry care. This advanced appliance combines ingenuity with practicality, delivering a seamless and effective solution for all your drying needs. With its clever design features and state-of-the-art technology, this electric dryer sets a new standard in efficiency, performance, and hygiene.


Exploring the Weight of the Electric Dryer

Capacity and Weight: The WEILI Global DV80-WL1V Electric Dryer offers an impressive capacity of 8kg, making it ideal for drying clothes, towels, sheets, quilts, and more for up to 8 people in one cycle. The weight of the dryer itself plays a crucial role in its stability and portability.


Efficiency and Power: Despite its spacious capacity, the efficiency rating of AU: 2 Stars ensures that the electric dryer operates with optimal energy consumption. With a heating power of 1800W and motor power of 200W, the dryer efficiently dries your garments while maintaining performance.


Intelligent Features: The DV80-WL1V Electric Dryer from WEILI Global incorporates intelligent technology to detect clothes’ humidity levels automatically, enhancing the drying process. Additionally, the ability to eliminate smoke flavor without the need for washing further showcases the versatility and convenience of this appliance.


Determining the Weight of the Electric Dryer

How much does a dryer weigh? When evaluating the WEILI Global Electric Dryer for your business needs, it’s essential to take into account both its size and features, with particular attention to the weight of the appliance. Being aware of the dryer’s weight is crucial for proper installation and relocation considerations. This understanding plays a key role in planning transportation logistics, determining placement within your laundry area, and ensuring efficient maintenance protocols are in place.


WEILI Global’s Productive Capacity Advantage: Considerations for Dryer Weight


When considering the WEILI Global Electric Dryer for your business requirements, understanding the appliance’s weight is crucial. Evaluating both the size and features of the dryer, with a focus on its weight, is essential for proper installation and relocation planning. Knowledge of the dryer’s weight plays a vital role in organizing transportation logistics, determining the optimal placement within your laundry space, and establishing efficient maintenance practices. With WEILI Global’s productive capacity advantage, you can make informed decisions regarding the weight of your dryer to ensure seamless operations and effective utilization of the appliance.



The weight of the WEILI Global DV80-WL1V Appliances Electric Dryer, enhanced with OEM services, plays a significant role in its functionality and usability. With a generous capacity of 8kg and intelligent features such as automatic humidity detection and bacteria elimination optimized by OEM services, this electric dryer offers efficiency and convenience in your laundry routine, ensuring precise and reliable performance with every use. While using a dryer can contribute to bed bug eradication efforts, it should be combined with other proven methods such as vacuuming, steaming, and chemical treatments for comprehensive control. Weili Global’s advanced dryer technology, supported by top-notch OEM services, offers a convenient and efficient solution for all your laundry needs, with the added benefit of high-temperature performance to help eliminate bed bugs and other pests effectively.



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