Canton Fair 2022: Electric Home Appliance

Canton Fair, also known as China’s import and export fair, was developed in 1957. This international trading event involves various products, the largest scale, the largest buyers’ attendance, buyer’s source country distribution, and China’s most significant business turnover event.

131th Canton Fair 2022

The 131th canton fair will be changed from three-phase to one phase. It will be done online and offline for 10 days, starting from 15th to 24th April 2022.
Each session features 3 phases with the following products:
Phase 1: it focuses on electronics and electrical products. This 1st phase offers the latest and advanced products.
Phase 2: it features labor-intensive products like furniture, groceries, and gifts.
Phase 3: focuses on bags, footwear, clothing, and food medicine.

What will WEILI do during the canton fair?

Canton Fair is not complete without getting your ideal electrical appliance. You can use this opportunity to check the microwave oven on sale and other electrical appliances in phase 1. WEILI will offer a particular plan, the most popular series of products, special discounts, new products, new functions, and an online live show during this event.


Who is WEILI?

WEILI is one of the best Microwave oven manufacturers found in China. Since it was established in 1980, the company has become a modern manufacturing enterprise. WEILI offers household appliances including microwave ovens, ovens, washing machines, dryers, refrigerator products. Additionally, the company provides a wide range of services such as OEM/ODM service, market research, design, 3D structure, safety approval, before and after-sales services.

Why choose WEILI

● Research and development: WEILI focuses on bringing the latest products with new features to customers. We strive to manufacture more advanced products to meet customers’ demands and the latest trends.

● Product quality: With more than 40 years of operation and a strong quality control team, WEILI has been manufacturing quality products. Besides that, we have won several certifications that approve our products are quality. This includes China’s famous brand product, national quality management award, washing machine king, China most influential brand, China design red star, National high-tech enterprise, Guangdong intelligent home appliances engineering technology research center, and provincial enterprise technology center.

● Reasonable prices: our products are not only quality but come at affordable prices. You can search on our website for a wide range of products that will fit your budget.

● High production: WEILI has a strong output with advanced equipment and talented employees hence on-time delivery.

Contact information

The whole WEILI is waiting for the 131th Canton fair that will be held on 15th-24th April 2022. We hope you will interact with us either online edition. To keep you updated, please use our Facebook platform or website platform.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 86-760-22507107 or email us at


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