From Water to Ice: How Does an Ice Maker Work?

Ice makers are indispensable appliances that have become popular in modern homes and commercial settings. These appliances efficiently convert water into ice, providing a reliable and convenient source of ice cubes for cooling beverages, preserving food, and improving the overall experience of cold drinks. With their widespread popularity, benefits, and importance, understanding how ice makers work can highlight the fascinating process behind their functionality. Read on to learn about the components of an ice maker and its working process, and find the answer to the question, “How does an ice maker work?”.

Ice Maker Components

Learning about its key components is important before exploring the “How does an ice maker work?” process. These include the following:

  1. Ice Collecting Tray

The ice collecting tray is where the ice cubes are accumulated after the ice shovel collects them. This removable tray allows for convenient removal and use of the ice cubes.

  1. Filter Cover

The filter cover is a protective housing for the water filter used in some refrigerator ice makers. The cover is designed to hold the water filter securely in place and protect it from contamination.

  1. Filter Screen

The filter screen filters out any debris or implications present in the water. In this way, it ensures that the ice cubes produced are of high quality and clean.

  1. Evaporator

The evaporator helps freeze the water and transform it into ice. It consists of a series of refrigeration coils that circulate a cold refrigerant, extracting heat from the water and causing it to freeze.

  1. Ice-Bin-Full Sensor

As the name suggests, the ice-bin-full sensor detects when the ice bin reaches its maximum capacity and automatically stops the ice-making process.

  1. Water Tank

The water tank is a separate compartment that holds the water supply for the ice maker. It can store adequate water to ensure a continuous flow for ice production.


  1. Compressor

The compressor makes the refrigerant circulate through the evaporator coils and facilitates the cooling process needed for ice formation.


Ice Making Process of Ice Makers

The ice-making process steps listed below will help you answer the question, “How does an ice maker work?”:

  1. The user adds water to the water tank and turns the power on.
  2. The user selects the desired ice size. Once it is done, the ice maker starts the freezing process. The water from the reservoir is pumped into the evaporator. The refrigeration coils of the evaporator extract heat from the water when it flows over them, causing it to freeze slowly.
  3. Water flows over evaporator coils, freezing into ice. Layer by layer, ice crystals grow into solid cubes. The ice shovel collects them and transfers them to the collecting tray. This cycle repeats until the bin is full. This is the core step that answers the question, “How does an ice maker work?”.
  4. With the ice cubes collected in the ice collecting tray, users can easily access and use the ice as needed.

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Tips to Use Ice Makers Properly

Now that you know the answer to the question “How does an ice maker work?”, it is recommended that you consider the following tips to ensure the proper use of such an appliance and maintain its performance:

  • Before using the ice maker, make sure to clean the water storage tank as well as the ice collecting tray.
  • When adding water to the reservoir, make sure it doesn’t exceed the maximum scale indicated.
  • If the maximum scale is exceeded, release the excess water via the drain plug.
  • Choose the right ice size based on the indoor temperature. For lower temperatures, small ice is recommended. For higher temperatures, choose a large ice size.
  • Make sure that the ice maker has sufficient ventilation space around it.
  • Use purified or filtered water in your ice maker to enhance the taste and quality of the ice cubes.
  • Periodically empty the ice bin and give it a thorough cleaning.



Ice makers are efficient and convenient for producing ice cubes. Understanding the components and process steps explained above answers the question, “How does an ice maker work?”. When purchasing an ice maker, choosing a reputable brand like WEILI is important.

WEILI, established in 1980, is a trusted home appliance manufacturer known for its innovative products. Our extensive research and development, attention to detail, quality control, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made us one of the top three ice maker companies in China. Our ice makers are stylish, high-performance, and quiet, suitable for residential and commercial settings. We also offer customizable options through our OEM services. To learn more about “How does an ice maker work?”, visit our website for further information.


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