Fight against the epidemic and resume production, fully

Affected by the epidemic situation, a large number of employees of the company could not rework in time. In view of the full orders of each business unit after the year, external recruitment of manpower could not meet the current production demand. In order to further ease the employment difficulties, the company organized office staff to go to the production line to fully support the company to resume work.

On March 2, with the full support of all departments, the job placement work was carried out orderly. After the workshop training, the on-the-job personnel will be put into their own posts to carry out production work.

This round of work will last nearly 20 days, which will be a great test for the physical, mental and willpower of many people on duty. However, in order to ensure production, we all try our best to take the anti epidemic work as the “main battlefield” to test ourselves and show the responsibility and responsibility of powerful people with practical actions.

“We need to race against the epidemic, against time, against competitors.” Under the influence of the epidemic, all enterprises are facing the same difficulties, but as long as we work together, we can overcome the difficulties and win the victory.


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