Epidemic prevention and control, we are in action

The outbreak of novel coronavirus infection affects all the hearts of the Chinese people. The whole country is united in fighting against the sudden epidemic.

In order to provide employees with a more safe and sanitary production and office environment, the company disinfects the office area, staff canteen and dormitory every day before and after the commencement to ensure that no blind spot is left for epidemic prevention and control.

Prevention of epidemic virus

Take the temperature before entering the factory

No entry without mask

Keep the epidemic virus out of the factory

Complete disinfection without dead space

Office , staff dormitory, canteen

Every corner, no dead corner

Ensure the safety, health and hygiene of public areas

Sanitary products are complete

Masks, disinfectants, thermometers, hand sanitizers

Logistics personnel purchase in advance

Prepare enough “ammunition”

To win the battle of epidemic prevention and control

Scattered dining to prevent spread

The office adopts meal delivery system

Workshop staff have meals in different periods

Eating in different areas to prevent the spread of the virus

Prevention and control slogans

Hanging multiple banners inside and outside the plant

Both remind correct prevention and control

Show the spirit of enterprise

Hand in hand, through difficult times together

Unite as one to prevent and control the epidemic



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