Beer Dispenser: What You Must Know

A personal pub is essential, especially in this era of many restrictions on maintaining social distance. There is nothing as amazing as having a beer dispenser machine in your home. You become your bartender, serve your drinks, and you can even build a bar set up with friends there.


Can You Put Beer in a Water Dispenser?

Luckily, most fridge water dispensers can easily accommodate different sorts of non-clear liquids like beer, soda, and coke. You can fill the water dispenser with any drink you want; it allows you to consume your drink at your preferred temperature. It is also a good way of mixing different flavors to make better drinks for parties But, in reality, only water should be put in a water dispenser. According to recent research, other beverages, milk, juice, and other drinks are likely to cause unhygienic issues if placed in a water dispenser.


Why You Need a Beer Dispenser?

There are various reasons why people decide to invest in beer dispensers. Imagine the hassle that comes with having to walk to the nearest bar just because you are thirsty. Sometimes, you can go out to a bar, and now you have to deal with traffic, find a place to park, and even wait till you are sober enough before you can go home. Beer dispensers make it possible to have a cold and refreshing beer without necessarily leaving your home. Other reasons why you need a beer dispenser are:

• It saves you money

• You can use it for other drinks • It saves time

• It assures quality and consistency

• Your home becomes your bar

WEILI is Your Best Beer Dispenser Manufacturer

We have advanced production lines in the complete set of beer dispensers, providing the one-stop service from developing & producing to selling. There are different types, styles, and qualities of beer makers, each with benefits and drawbacks. At WEILI, here are a few top-rated beer dispensers that you can try. If you want to make a difference for your brand, you can also provide your request for us to customize it! You can count on these beer dispensers from WEILI to bring the brewpub right to your home. We provide OEM & wholesale services!


KB-11C Beer Dispenser

KB-11C beer dispenser allows you to enjoy a fresh and cold beer in the comfort of your home. Its thermoelectric cooling technology with low noise delivers a top-notch experience enabling you to serve drinks when they are at the right temperature. You can carry this portable cooler with 13 liters capacity can be carried to outdoor parties, camping, trips, and other events without much hassle. Other Features

• Capacity: 5L

• Power Consumption: 65W

• Noise Level: ≤ 35Db (A)

• Available for 5L Heineken Keg only

BCT-0578 Home Beer Dispenser

BCT-0578 home beer dispenser sleek dispenser is available for universal 5L Keg and Heineken Keg; it would grace any party. Its plastic design makes it elegant hence bringing another class of décor to the kitchen. Plus, its classic tap that is easy to handle makes it easy to serve many people at a go.

• Capacity: 5L

• Power Consumption: 65W

• Noise Level: ≤ 35Db (A)

• Removable drip tray


BCT-0538 Mini Kegerator

BCT-0538 mini kegerator is the perfect dispenser for summer when the weather is too hot. It keeps beer at the optimal temperature, and the freshness can last for more than 15 days. Also, it is equipped with an LED temperature display to ensure your beer is poured the way you like.

• Capacity: 5L/5.2QT

• Power Consumption: 65W

• Noise Level: ≤ Db (A)

• Elegant and solid stainless steel design



A beer dispenser will always pour your favorite beverage at your point of need. For the best bar experience, you need a quality beer dispenser from the best manufacturer. We also offer customization services depending on the client’s needs. Get in touch with us for better services at lower costs. For advanced products with improved features, you can rely on WEILI


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