How to Use a Microwave Oven?

Microwave ovens are magical kitchen appliances. Who invented microwave oven is brilliant. This invention has saved many households. Whether it’s cooling, baking, or roasting, the machine got you covered. In addition, users have more control of food, seeing that they can set the temperature, unlike cooking on a gas stove. Also, heating food on microwaves doesn’t mean the nutrients will disappear; the food retains all the nutrients. Let’s dive in and look at things you need to know about the microwave oven.


What is a microwave oven?

A microwave oven is one kitchen appliance designed to use microwaves, exceptional electromagnetic radiations to heat food. Microwaves can pass through paper, plastic, glass and are reflected by metals.


How does a microwave oven work?

The appliance has an electron tube known as a magnetron that produces microwaves. These microwaves reflect in the metal interior of the machine then absorbed by the meal. Additionally, microwaves make water molecules found in food vibrate hence produce heat that cooks. For this reason, feeds with high water content such as vegetables cook quickly compared to dry ones.

How to safely use a microwave oven?

Generally, microwave ovens are safe because FDA tests them before releasing them to the market. Nonetheless, some people experience burns and injuries due to improper maintenance or use. Here are tips for using the appliance properly:

● Use safe containers for microwaves: use cookware designed for ovens. Aluminum foil or metal is not recommended because they reflect off microwaves making the food heat unevenly hence destroy it. Also, plastic containers can melt while heating. FDA recommends using ceramic, glass, or plastic containers designed for microwave use.

● Check leakage: you should be concerned when the seals, latch, and door hinges are damaged. FDA recommends users check if there are any damages. Don’t use the oven if there are existing issues.

● Don’t use a microwave that works while on: there are reports that some appliances operate when the door is open. You should stop heating after you notice the issue.

● Follow manufacturer’s instructions: check the directions given by the manufacturer on how to use safety precautions.

● Report problems: if you suspect damage, signs of leakage, or radiation problems, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can report the issue to FDA by mailing them.

How to clean microwave oven?

Let’s look at simple ways to clean your kitchen appliance: 1.Using dish soap Put water and dish soap in a safe bowl for the microwave. Place in the microwave and leave it to run for 1 min at high temperature until it heats. Remove the bowl, then use a cloth to wipe inside.

2.Wet paper towels Put several wet paper towels inside the microwave and run them for 5 minutes. This technique creates steam that removes stuck food and other contaminants.

3.Using vinegar and water Put some vinegar and water in a safe bowl, place it in the appliance, and heat until it produces steam. Use a towel to clean the stains.


Tips for choosing microwave oven at Weili website

Weili is a famous electrical appliances company and a microwave oven manufacturer found in Zhongshan city, city. It was established in the 1980 and has focused on R&D hence develops advanced products. Additionally, the company is certified by FDA to manufacture products for consumers, including varieties of the microwave oven. Consider the following when selecting a microwave oven at Weili:

● Price: This is a crucial consideration when buying anything. The cost of microwaves varies. You can either buy a countertop or a built-in, depending on your budget. Weili offers diverse options.

● Wattage: a higher wattage allows one to cook quickly. Weili’s website has a wide range of products with different wattages.

● Size: consider the space available in your kitchen to find the right size. Keep in mind the size specification for a built-in and countertop model.


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