Mechanical Microwave Oven

*Easy to use: Suitable for both household and commercial use. With two rotary knobs, users can easily adjust both the power level and cooking time, offering precise control over their culinary creations.

*Colors: Available in a variety of colors and styles, our Mechanical Microwave Oven adds a touch of personality to any kitchen or commercial space.

*Warranty: Backed by a one-year warranty, it ensures peace of mind for customers, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

*OEM services: Allow businesses to customize our product to meet their specific branding and design requirements.


product specification

Intput Power1120W
Output Power700W
Product (W*D*H)455*322*261
Packing (W*D*H)495*366*294
N.W/G.W. (kg)10.3/11.4
Loadding (20‵40‵40‵HQ)590/1205/1365


Having 40 years’ experience in manufacturing refrigeration products, our broad experience and highly qualified team members allow us to assist you at any stage in the product life cycle, from concept and design to full volume production.

WEILI is your professional option for one-stop purchasing!

Market research /
Customer request

Final 3D Structure Design

Prototype Sample

Tooling making

Safety Approval and Sample Evaluation

Pilot Run​

Mass Production


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